Appraisium is a way to connect with professionals of your choice and ask for feedback on your work.

Whether you're currently studying or considering following a career in the creative world, Appraisium is a place where you can get feedback or advice from people who are already doing it.

Unlike most platforms where you display your work and anybody can comment, Appraisium allows you to choose who you want feedback from. You choose someone whose work you admire and whose advice will mean something.

All you do is set up a feedback request outlining what you want. Add a few tags to the request and Appraisium will match those tags to people who may be able to help. Once you've checked out their profile you can invite them to feedback on your work or give you some advice.


  • You only get feedback from someone whose work you rate.

  • The feedback you get is real and constructive.

  • Your feedback is private, only you will see it.

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Appraisium allows you to contribute to the education process that will ultimately produce the creative talent of the future.

We all recognise that professionals engaging with students is good for their development. It helps them connect with the real world and improves their chances of finding work.

The process is simple, a student will add a feedback request to Appraisium and invite the professionals who are on the system to give feedback. If you're one of the professionals chosen you will receive an email request. It will contain all the details of what the student is asking and you can respond to the email or login to give feedback.

Once you've given feedback there's nothing more to do, it isn't a conversation.


  • You can limit the number of feedback requests you get.

  • You can be honest, only the student will see what you write.

  • You can decline to give feedback.

  • You can make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

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Appraisium is a way for Universities and Colleges to engage with industry and help students reach their goals.

Appraisium offers support to your students from people who are actually working in the creative industry. You can add your course lecturers and assign their students to them. The students will use Appraisium as normal, but your lecturers will be able to see the feedback/advice the students are getting.

You can contact the professionals that gave feedback to your students and invite them to give lectures, attend end of year shows or just to meet the students. Ultimately you will be able to use Appraisium to promote your courses.


  • Connect your students with industry.

  • Improve their chances of employment.

  • Promote your courses.

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The Appraisium Project
Real world feedback for creative students or anyone considering a career in the creative sector.