Why we should give a feather and a fig...

Students, we want to help, we want to pass on the things we've learnt and share our insights. We are creatives just like you. We share the same passions, the same goals, the same DNA - CREATIVITY.

Professionals, if you've survived in the creative sector you've done well. If you've made any money then you're very lucky (good job we don't do it for the money). However, if you're still driven to create and enjoy what you do you've succeeded where many have failed. And although you may not think it you have acquired invaluable skills that have made this happen.

It could be a way of working, technique or just your attitude to what you do, whatever it is it's what makes you creative and successful.

So what if someone had told you about the things that have helped you survive when you started. The nuggets of information, the tips, the little things that can turn good work into great work and of course the pitfalls.

Would it have made a difference? (would you have carried on?).

There are millions of people working in the creative industry. Some become well known others don't, it doesn't really matter, what matters is that all of them are changing the world in some way. Regardless of how creativity is undervalued and the cuts in creative education, we are still here and our presence is vital to human evolution.

So we must ensure that creativity thrives and that talent flourishes.

Creatives need to help each other.

We must pass on what we know and encourage and nurture future talent.

If you work in the creative sector and you give a feather or a fig, join us because so do we.

The Appraisium Project
Real world feedback for creative students or anyone considering a career in the creative sector.